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Personal and group ceremony has been proven over the generations as a path to enlightenment.
Monthly and annual ceremonial experience, located in beautiful settings, allows us to:

  •  remember ourselves
  •  renew our commitment to our destiny
  •  and reconnect with all the worlds of Grandmother Earth.

Ceremonies play an important and very powerful part in our integration and transformation process. Some of these are group ceremonies and will be done within our gathering circles. Other ceremonies are done individually in nature. Some ceremonies are completed in as little as a few hours and others will require multiple days and nights.

Once a year we meet for a full weekend. During this time we will give you the alchemical know-how to proceed with your ceremony.

Ceremony leads you into another dimension, another state of consciousness. Doing ceremony is always an act of power that brings a gain in energy and a connection to all things in your life.

Locations, dates and topics vary.

Please contact us for more information.

We are requesting hosts for cermony in Boulder or Longmont.  If you have a location which might be suitable for gatherings, please contact us to discuss

Welcome - Rattlesnake Mystery LodgeClassesGatheringsCalendarContactLinks