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Community Building
Community Building

It is our heart's desire is to live a medicine way of life.  Spiritual connection is supported by community with:

Women's & men's groups
Children’s ceremony
Leadership training
Community dialogue and resource sharing


In life’s journey everyone experiences times of change that are natural and necessary to our maturation and evolution. During these experiences, we often long for a roadmap to navigate the transitions. 

Lately, we have substituted achievements and acquisitions as ways to experience times of change. We rarely acknowledge the gain, the power, the loss, or the grief. And we thus go on to the next goal, the next job or the next relationship without marking the maturing of our soul.

In the defining moments of our lives, we look for the openings that help us reach for more. Community steeped in spiritual connection help us to navigate life’s turning points with beauty and power. 


We invite you to go for more.  Join us in our collective journey of evolution.

Locations, dates and topics vary.

Please contact us for more information.

We are requesting hosts for events.  If you have a location which might be suitable for gatherings, please contact us to discuss logistics.


Welcome - Rattlesnake Mystery LodgeClassesGatheringsCalendarContactLinks