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Healing Ceremony

What is a healing ceremony in the Sweet Medicine Sundance path?

It is a unique blend of ceremonial techniques, drawn from the world’s ancient traditions and applied to contemporary life. We seek the root of the problem: the life patterns that have caused the disease. The healing ceremony brings together tools and energies to help those seeking healing to catalyze change in their lives.

Our Healing Ceremony
Our healing ceremony can address a full range of physical illnesses or ailments. A circle of trained people provides a sacred space for the individual seeking healing to go deep within to identify and make choices necessary to heal him/herself.

The process of the healing begins with the healing intake, which is a questionnaire that investigates all aspects of the problem as well as a comprehensive history of life events. Completion of the intake provides the individual an opportunity for introspection, self-awareness and insight into life choices that created this problem. The answers to the questions also help in the design of the appropriate ceremony.

If You Are Seeking Healing…
A Ceremony can offer you:

    * Reflections about choices you have made – and are still making – that created the ailment or disease
    * The opportunity to use the power of the healing circle to make changes in your life
    * The possibility of a healed body

For more information, or to request a healing:

    * Contact the Rattlesnake Mystery Lodge to request a Healing Intake Questionnaire at [email protected].

If You Are Seeking Training in Our Healing Paradigm…
The core of our healing paradigm is empowering people to heal themselves. In our training, you will learn to empower others, while learning to heal yourself. You will practice various shamanic healing techniques using crystals, chants and other tools, and gain the necessary skills to be an essential part of a healing circle. If you are interested in training in our healing paradigm, contact the Rattlesnake Mystery Lodge.

  • We currently hold monthly Crystal Balancing ceremonies in a private home located in Boulder.  Please email us if you would like more information, [email protected].

We are requesting hosts for healing events in Boulder.  If you have a location which might be suitable for gatherings, please contact us to discuss logistics


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